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Below we will go over an easy and inexpensive way to add some style to that boring room that will have your child beaming with excitement! We’ll cover what we think will help make this an exciting and enjoyable process that you can do in a weekend or less.

For this room painting blog we’ll provide details on how we accomplished our project, along with a list of needed tools and other helpful things. We’ll include how and why we chose our design and ways we made the project easier on ourselves to make the room look as amazing as possible.

Start with the prep work listed below and you may save some time on how and where you decide to paint. This probably goes without saying, but you’ll want to remove the furniture and everything from the walls that will be in your way for this project.

We only removed things that we knew would be in the area we’d be painting, just to save some time. Once you’ve removed the furniture and wall hangings, you can start patching holes.

Remove any nails, screws and drywall anchors that you do not plan to reuse after the paint is complete. (Tip: If your new design will not cover these patched areas, you’ll need to touch them up with the existing wall paint color) Use a damp rag or some tack cloth to make sure you remove any dust or other dirt that may be on the wall. If you plan to change the background color of your walls that will have your new design, this is the time to do it.

You should have cleaned and taped everything off at this point so it should be as simple as rolling on your new paint, trimming in the corners and letting it dry so you can start your design lay out. For our project we just wanted something that looked a bit like spotlights coming from the floor as you can see from the pictures. We used a pencil to lightly mark the base of our wall where we wanted our “beam” to start. We didn’t have an exact size with each “beam” so we just marked what we thought would be a good width on top, somewhere between 12-20 inches with each one.

We pulled the tape tight to use it as a straight edge and stuck it to the wall just outside of our marks. When we’d get to corners, we’d let the tape naturally guide us around them so that the “beam” would continue up the next wall.

But you do want to let the paint dry completely before trying to remove your tape. Once the paint had sufficiently dried we started to remove the tape which allowed us to really begin to see our project come to life.

The new paint design came out great and our son absolutely loved it, making the entire project more than worth the time and effort put into it. We decided to add more super hero themed decor to the room since that’s what our son loves.

These extra touches really set the room up to be an area our son loves and wants to play in all the time.

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