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For Blackbox Design Studios architect Richard McCann, the challenge was to create a residence that maintains the feeling of natural immersion. Used across both stories, Western Window System’s sleek Series 600 window-wall installations were an optimal solution, letting in the Utah sunshine through the high-performance dual-paned glass. And while the ample natural light bathes the space, the low U-values and thermally broken aluminum frames ensure an efficient facade.

“We chose Western Window Systems because we wanted to get the largest glass sizes possible, while maintaining a very thin frame around the profile,” says Steiner. And while the contemporary, minimalist design is a fine complement for the home’s streamlined aesthetic, the Series 600 installations also prove a highly functional solution, ensuring ease of use and long-lasting durability. While the Hudson Valley’s bucolic woodland setting offered plenty of inspiration in its own right, the homeowners wanted a space that celebrates nature while showcasing their impressive indoor and outdoor art collection.

“The north and east sides of the home have extensive glazing, and a series of large sliding doors reinforce the indoor-outdoor connectivity that was so important to the clients.” “The primary outdoor space, centred around a negative-edge pool, is elevated and situated within an L-shaped floor plan, allowing for comfortable indoor-outdoor living in an otherwise untraversable lot,” Burke says.

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