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US Cellar Systems is a leader in providing innovative refrigeration equipment for various kinds of storage applications. A new rising trend in many luxurious homes is the conversion of a pantry or a spare room into a fabulous walk-in refrigerator or freezer. Have ample amounts of chicken, beef, and lamb in one corner, a vast variety of fruits and vegetables in another area, and keep all spices and seasonings in another section.

The advantages of these types of refrigerated storage systems are anchored around convenience, flexibility, and operating cost.

At a lower cost of energy consumption, one can keep all perishable goods in a single location, and have them designed according to a preferred style. These storage structures are regarded as one of the most ideal options for keeping food fresh for a longer period of time.

This generous amount of storage space is beneficial for those who plan to store a lot of perishable goods. But, the common challenge is the lack of an adequately large place to keep all that they want to buy, because a standard upright fridge or freezer does not have enough space.

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Trusted refrigeration system builders are capable of building insulated doors that can complement the existing aesthetics of a house.

Today, one can find a variety of walk-in chiller and freezer door designs that range from traditional and rustic to modern and edgy. Some homeowners want to see the stock inside their walk-in fridge without necessarily having to open the storage space.

Professional refrigerated room builders use insulated glass to create a window on the doors of walk-in chillers or freezers. Moreover, if there is a glass window on the chiller’s door, a homeowner’s guests can be entertained by showing off the storage room’s contents to them. Can you imagine bringing a few visitors to your beautiful kitchen and giving them a preview of the bountiful meats, greens, and herbs in your fridge?

Because of these varied requirements, we at US Cellars Systems make sure that our team of HVAC experts is thoroughly equipped and highly capable of providing the most appropriate cooling units for any type of storage space.

Daring to be different
Daring to be different
Arctic at Home- Residential Walk-Ins
Arctic at Home- Residential Walk-Ins

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