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This is the most common look that people go for when they have glass cabinets in their kitchen – the clear and clean look that never dates. The only downside to clear glass is that you can see every smear and smudge, so make sure you have your window cleaner at the ready. There are variations in how it is made, such as, ribbed, beveled, bubbled, seeded, reeded, icicled, pebbled etc.

The design behind textured glass is that it gives a more diffused look and feel and is ideal for creating subtle shifting of light across a room.

Textured glass is usually used for furniture, enclosures and privacy windows and would look great if you have a pantry or utility room, leading off your kitchen that you want to separate off from your kitchen through the use of a door that has textured glass as panels within the wooden frame. The doors include thin strips of wood (or mullions) that separate the panes of glass.

It also allows you to display your best china or glasses rather than hiding them behind fully closed cabinets. This article was provided by, the go-to-experts for sealed double glazing window, door and conservatory units.

Glass door kitchen cabinets
Glass door kitchen cabinets

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