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In fact, I am often asked to design one into a client's new space, which can be created alongside a mudroom or powder room. Any food preparation that involved bread was done in the pantry and the head of office in charge was called a pantler.

With the 20th century’s advances in refrigeration, pantries were mostly used for storing the growing selection of canned or boxed foods.

Whether for appliances or food items, floor-to-ceiling shelving maximizes the storage space of even the smallest pantry. The shelving can be designed to include countertop space, which is fantastic for packing kids’ lunches. You could even add electrical outlets and put your coffee-maker, toaster oven, or crock pot on the pantry’s countertop.

In addition to storing a large number of small appliances, I have installed double ovens inside a walk-in pantry. Since food cooks in an oven for longer periods of time, it is not inconvenient to use a pantry for baking and roasting.

Some pantries have a small sink for a wet bar or additional serving area while entertaining.


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