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Because they hang in mid-air, unique mini pendant lights are an excellent way to set the tone for an entire room. Suspend a row of vintage mini pendants above a counter or island to add retro style and practical illumination to your kitchen.

When using pendants as task lighting, hang them 28 to 34 inches above work surfaces and space them about two feet apart to provide even illumination.

Group several together to create a bold impression or use a single unobtrusive pendant as a hanging light to illuminate a work or reading area. Lights placed in regular grids or lines have a formal feel, while staggered heights offer a casual look. Designer mini-pendant lights can act as the centerpiece of a room whereas transitional mini pendants blend with existing furnishings to complement decor.

The many shades and finishes available make it easy to find unique mini pendant lights that match your design goals. Clear glass shades provide bright light and incorporate the exposed bulb for a modern yet retro appearance.

Pendants require support and the chain, cord or rod used to connect these fixtures to the ceiling offers additional ornamental options.

Mini pendants are flexible fixtures that can provide task, ambient or accent lighting. Use them alone or with other styles of lighting to bring your decorating ideas to life and add warm ambiance to any room in your home.

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