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3413 Marion Drive
Tampa, FL 33637

Let’s start this by saying, I’ve lived in TWO subtly Alice in Wonderland themed apartments… I’m a person who loves a maximalism and whimsy in my surroundings! I moved to a beach trailer community just blocks from the Pacific Ocean in Orange County.

I wanted princess vibes and elegance without it feeling like a room for a child or something you'd stay in themed suite motel. This room also doubles as my workspace, so I strived to keep the concept light and energizing since I can be working in here all day sometimes. This clamshell and pearl light are a nod to life by the beach and the Disney mermaids I love! Above the headboard there are two strings of vintage Disney postcards featuring concept and cinematic art from the studio’s earliest films.

Living in California, I’ve learned you never want to put heavy art above your headboard due to quakes.

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