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Check out these DIY renovation projects that make us never want to go inside again! I love this spot so much... when only 2 weeks ago I’d close my eyes when I walk by... or snarl at it 🤣 because it was so ugly.” - @bridgewaydesigns used the Large Mandala Stencil for Painting Floors from @royalstencils to paint and stain her concrete patio. @paygepriscilla painted her concrete porch floor with our Maison Floral Tile Stencil and WOW!

She followed the tutorials on Royal Design Studio’s website and used the Ranae Geometric Floral Stencil and it turned out perfectly!

“Inspired by the colonial tiled floors of Trinidad, Cuba, we stenciled our back porch this weekend to bring a piece of it into our home. We can’t wait to sip mojitos and spend quality time in this space.

“I was sick of buying doormats after they got ruined in the rain, so I decided to stencil one instead! It was so fun and pretty easy to do!” - @taralynnmcnitt used concrete paint and Hexagon Tile Floor Stencil from Royal Design Studio to spell anything she wanted... which made her feel right at home. “Did my first stencil project on front patio with the Palladium Tile Stencil.” - Denise Frye

The porch needed to have the same feel and stone or plain paint just wasn't the right choice. I got ideas from Pinterest and found the perfect design Illusion Tile Stencil. “Had so much fun repairing our 100 year old porch; the 3 different cements always looked so shabby.

Even stenciled a row of stars on the steps so people don’t trip going down. This whole project with the Starburst Tile Stencil only took me a few hours!” - Kristin Homer

After drying, I applied a copper paint to the center circles and then sealed. This is my craftsman home front porch summer re-fresh.” - Ingrid Ryder

It took 2 days but was well worth the time and effort, even in the Florida heat.” – Joan Colonna “We were very excited to update our front porch during this stay-at-home quarantine time.

Easy part … if a "star" was too thick (= pushed too hard with roller or time to clean stencil), just paint over it and redo. “Like many others, being forced to spend extended time at home has had me drawn to projects to distract me from all of the turmoil and anxiety in our world.

I saw how easy it was to make almost any surface more beautiful and interesting and was inspired to finally stencil our plain concrete entryway. Friends and neighbors can't stop marveling over how much it looks like actual tiles.” – Darcy Ellsworth Yow

“Super happy with how this Fourth of July quarantine DIY project came out. Inspired by Arrows and Bow, I bought a Hexagon Tile Floor Stencil from Royal Design Studio and 2 quarts of paint to transform our back step into a concrete welcome mat.” – Traci Armstrong

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