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That’s why we decided to start this Throwback Thursday column, to look back at the design of decades of the past. But let’s take a look at what was going on design-wise during the 1940s.- during the Great Depression and World War II many people turned to big Hollywood films as a form of escapism. Bedrooms and living rooms tended to be formal and very pulled-together.- on the flip side of Hollywood Glam, many people favored more traditional decor.

For some this was likely a side effect of not having the resources to update their decor during the hard times of the Great Depression and World War II.

After the war was over and a wave of patriotism swept the country and people turned to traditional American styles like Colonial, and Pennsylvania Dutch.- while wall-to-wall carpeting slowly replaced hardwood floors in living rooms and bedrooms, linoleum flooring quickly became the favorite in 1940s kitchens. Bold geometric patterns were the most popular option, adding even more color to the kitchen.- during the 1940s wood was a heavily-used material due to its versatile nature and availability during the war.

1940s decor

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