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3413 Marion Drive
Tampa, FL 33637

Perfected by Lake Minnetonka custom home contractors Stonewood, LLC and Plymouth and Lake Geneva-based Studio M Interiors, the home showcases stunning features like an expansive transitional kitchen, an open-air living space that reveals an idyllic view of the surrounding trees, and a luxurious bath complete with a marble tile shower. The patriotic-meets-holiday scheme was represented in a variety of ways, through red poinsettias, cozy throw pillows, and a living room tree entirely decked out in the three hues. The colors tied in perfectly to the existing decor, which includes pieces like blue chinoiserie vases and red kitchen stools.

She says that she used lots of ball-style ornaments and other decorations in these colors and added in “tons of different flowers and sprigs that were red, white, silver, and gold,” she says. “I have large bowls that sit in my kitchen, dining room, and at my front door, and I always have some sort of evergreen sprig in each of those along with lots of holiday ball ornaments,” she says. Always on the lookout for “the basics,” as she calls them—sprigs that are gold, silver, white, and natural-looking, ball ornaments, ribbon, and wrapping paper—Musgjerd has to be as prepared as possible, since she’s in demand for decorating during the holidays.

Musgjerd sums up her entire Christmas decorating philosophy, with a focus on the delightfulness of the season: “The holidays are a time to have some fun, add some shimmer, and enjoy the twinkle lights.”

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